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Corona Virus Causes Makeup To Go Digital

For those who do not feel comfortable purchasing product without testing,
Ulta and Sephora have encouraged the use of their digital make up services. The digital makeup services offer varying cosmetics for the skin, lips, eyes, mouth, and cheeks to sample virtually.

How Makeup Wipes Are Hurting The Environment

Makeup wipes are a method of removing cosmetics from the epidermis. Byrdie.com describes makeup wipes as, “single-use cloths soaked with facial cleanser and/or makeup remover to rid skin of the day’s beauty products, not to mention any remnants of dirt or debris”.

According to the FDA, makeup wipes are classified as a cosmetic due to it’s use as a personal cleansing product.

Setting Spray Vs. Setting Powder

Aside from their individual consistencies, there are a few key differences between setting powders and sprays. Powders are typically used as a last sealing step for complexion products, such as foundation and concealer, while sprays are used to lock everything down after your entire makeup look is complete.