Why Makeup Sales Are Declining

Makeup is Out, Bareface Beauty is In

Recent news is showing a decline in the interest of traditional makeup. This decline was caused by recent cultural changes for cosmetic consumers. Fox Business reported in November 2019,

“Overall makeup sales in the U.S. declined 4 percent to $1.8 billion in the first quarter, while more natural skin care products like tinted moisturizers and setting sprays to brighten skin became the fastest-growing segment within face makeup, according to market research firm NPD Group.”

Makeup sales appear washed out as women go au naturel – Fox Business

What is a VSCO girl?
Pronounced as “visco”, the name comes from VSCO a photo app developed by a California based company. VSCO girls are characterized by oversized t-shirts, scrunchies, Birkenstocks, and a hydroflask. One of the most important characteristics to note is that VSCO girls wear little to no make up. Over the past year, the VSCO girl trend has taken the internet by storm and their appearance is something many teenage girls wish to emulate, including the #nomakeup look that comes with it.’s article “How ‘VSCO Girls’ Are Killing Makeup Sales—and Reshaping the Beauty Industry” shares the results from Investment bank and securities firm Piper Jaffray semi annual teen survey. The results showed a 21% decrease in cosmetic spending among female teens year over year in conjunction with the VSCO girl trend.

Several cosmetic brands have experienced a decline in stocks and noticeably lower profit margins as this bare faced trend continues. Skin care on the other hand is rising in popularity.

Many cosmetics brands are shifting towards a more skincare-centric branding and celebrities are embracing the bare face movement as well. Lady Gaga, Zoe Saldana, Demi Lovato, and The Kardashians, to name a few, are posting more candid, bare-faced selfies showing off their natural skin. The different influencers perpetuating the imagery of natural skin being accepted and beautiful is reinforcing the trend. Skin is in!

How do you feel about the Bare Skin Movement? Leave a comment!

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