Setting Spray Vs. Setting Powder

What is Setting Spray?
Administered through an atomizer, liquid mist is used to lessen the powdery effect of makeup and prolong its lifespan.

Setting spray can vary is application purpose. Certain sprays act as shielding spray protecting your makeup look from sweat, rubbing and clumping. Protective setting sprays tend to be made with polymers (naturally occurring synthetic or man-made molecule comprised of repeating units). The polymers create a barrier to protect the face. Other sprays serve more of a cosmetic purpose resulting in matte or dewy finish.

What is Setting Powder?
Applied via brush or puff, setting powder is used to set makeup leaving a matte finish.

Setting powder focuses on the setting of facial makeup resulting in a matte finish. The setting comes in a finely milled finish and comes in an array of shades. The shade range can blend into foundation or match contour and highlight selected areas of the face.

What is the difference?
“Aside from their individual consistencies, there are a few key differences between setting powders and sprays. Powders are typically used as a last sealing step for complexion products, such as foundation and concealer, while sprays are used to lockΒ everythingΒ down after your entire makeup look is complete.” –

The application of either setting spray, setting powder or a combination of both varies based on your desired outcome. Your skin type can also play a role in which product(s) you should routine. The article “Setting Powder vs. Setting Spray: When to Use Each and How” by discusses several options available for various skin types.

Which do you prefer? Do you use setting spray, setting powder or a combination of both? Leave a comment!

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