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What Does Glycolic Acid Do? – Good Housekeeping

This week’s shared post is from Good Housekeeping, written by Tatiana Velasco.

Good Housekeeping is an established literary name for life’s essentials, including lifestyle, wellness, and beauty.. GH has been around since 1885, fulfilling their mission to provide “equal proportions of public duty and private interest”.

“If you are looking to simplify your skincare routine with a product that provides all the benefits of minimized pores, younger-looking skin and a clear, radiant complexion, keep your eyes peeled (pun intended) for glycolic acid. This miraculous ingredient is an all-in-one solution to your greatest skin troubles from aging to acne— glycolic acid takes care of it all. It’s one ingredient that you should definitely consider adding to your skincare playbook.”

Read the full article at

Exactly What Dermatologists Say Glycolic Acid Does to Your Skin – Tatiana Velasco – GH

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