Gender Neutrality in Cosmetics and Skincare

As generations have evolved in the mindset of inclusiveness, cosmetics and skincare brands are moving towards gender neutrality.

What is Gender Neutrality?
Gender-neutralism is the concept of removing the bias between gender and the roles traditionally assigned to them. In the past, gender has been identified simply as male and female dividing their attributes as masculine and feminine.

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Recent decades of gender study has shown gender as a spectrum, rather than one of two possibilities. For some, gender and sex(physical and physiological features; chromosomes, gene expression, hormone levels, etc.) do not match. Organizations like Gender Spectrum, and The Trevor Project work to increase understandings of gender and sexuality.

Yesterday, Washington Post writer, Helen Carefoot posted “Why beauty brands are removing gender from their marketing“.

“But as skin-care-obsessed young women share their enthusiasm with their brothers and partners, a teen like James Charles takes a turn as the face of CoverGirl, and male beauty experts on YouTube show other men how to apply cosmetics, the traditional gender lines are blurring, if not disappearing altogether. And while it’s too soon to tell whether men will embrace makeup with anything approaching women’s fervor, one trend is obvious, observers say: Beauty brands are pivoting toward more gender-neutral products presented in unisex packaging.”

Helen Carefoot

The article depicts how the movement towards gender fluidity and inclusion in marketing makes products more accessible to everyone. As the children of Gen Z mature into adulthood, new social identities are being formed and brought into mainstream media.

Skincare is not a gendered activity. Most self-care and skin treatment marketing has been geared toward cisgender (A person whose gender identity and biological sex assigned at birth are the same) females. Everyone should have access and feel welcomed to care for their skin.

Modern day cosmetics has been skewed towards women, while males were actually wearing makeup since 4000 BC until the 18th century. The concept of gendering the use of cosmetics only began in 19th century when makeup was considered vulgar. The notion was popularized by Queen Victoria I of Great Britain with the backing of the church. The association of makeup and vanity was later attributed to become feminine in the 20th century.

Modern day society is much more accepting to varying forms of self expression and identification. It appears now even commercial media is on board with the idea that beauty is for everyone.

How do you feel about Gender Neutrality in the Beauty Industry? Leave a comment down below!

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