The 5 Most Popular Clean Makeup Brands

What is Clean Makeup?

“In the beauty industry, when hair, makeup, or skin care products are made without any toxic materials it is considered to be “clean”.

Clean cosmetics originated back in 1938 when the FDA passed the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA). Despite the act, much of the ingredients in the cosmetic industry remained unregulated. Groups like The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics had to take on the task of categorizing and determining what ingredients were toxic and should be excluded in cosmetics.”

A Brain For Beauty

For more information about what clean makeup is, check out the full article, “What is Clean Makeup?“.

The following clean makeup brands considered internet favorites for 2 reasons. First is their consistency as a popular search term result for clean beauty. Second is their consistent appearance as a favored clean beauty brand for their performance in multiple media outlets such as, Elle, Women’s Health and Allure.
Now, here are the Internet’s Top 5 favorite Clean Makeup Brands.

1. RMS Beauty

The company RMS was founded by, world reknown makeup artist, Rose-Marie Swift in October 2008. Swift was inspired to create the Clean makeup line after experiencing issues with her health. Through her recovery she discovered that many of the toxins that were afflicting her body were found in cosmetics.


Rose-Marie Swift, Founder of RMS Beauty

After reclaiming her health Swift set out to create one of the most prominent clean make up brands featuring her famous Luminzer powder. RMS beauty offers skincare products and natural supplements (Skin and Within), in addition to an array of cosmetics for the face, lips, and eyes.

2. Ilia Beauty

The Company Ilia Beauty is a minimalist and skincare-centric beauty line. Founded by Sasha Plavsic in 2011, Ilia beauty was inspired greatly by Sasha’s mother and her dedication to an organic upbringing for her children. Ilia Beauty strives to be an clean and sustainable brand using Eco-friendly packaging and highlighting healthy and effective cosmetics.

3. W3ll People

The company W3ll People was founded in a collaborative effort. W3ll People’s “Dream Team” consists of: ” Expert beauty guru, Shirley Pinkson, “self proclaimed tree hugger” and Marketing stretegist, James Walker, and Board certified Dermatologist, Renee Snyder, M.D.

Their combined efforts has made W3ll people into the bustling sustainable beauty brand it is today. W3ll people features cosmetics for the cheeks, lips and eyes. In addition to their cosmetics they also offer accessories like branded bags, shirts, and makeup brushes.

4. Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty was founded by Karen Behnke in 2005. The inspiration to create the clean beauty brand was sparked by her experience with age being a later in life parent. Behnke became pregnant with her first child at the age of 40. She experienced many hormonal changes and signs of aging. She searched for a healthy solution after discovering that the skin absorbs up to 60% of what is applied to it. Behnke spent 5 years working with chemists, physicians and microbiologists to create the juice-based formula that is used in Juice Beauty. The health-minded clean brand offers cosmetics for the face, eyes, lips, and cheeks. There is also a large array of skin care products available from head-to-toe.

5. Kjaer Weis

Kirsten Kjaer Weis is the founder of the clean beauty brand Kjaer Weis. Weis was born in Denmark and is a reknown makeup artists and alumni from prestigious Christian Chauveau School of Artistic Makeup. The purpose of Kjaer Beauty was to make clean makeup as on par with performance as the traditional beauty industry. The brand features biodegradable packaging and bold color payoff offering cosmetics for the eyes, lips, cheeks, and face as well as a few skin care products.

Honorable Mentions
Top contenders in the clean beauty industry that did not make the list but are still great options include but are not limited to; 100% Pure, Vapour Beauty, and Kosas.

Do you use a Clean Make Up brand that didn’t make it on the list?
Leave a comment down below

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