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12 Potentially Toxic Ingredients in Sunscreen

The FDA is currently reviewing a number of ingredients found in sunscreen for GRASE ( generally recognized as safe and effective). While the active ingredients used in sunscreens have been around since the 1970s, there’s insufficient information available to determine the health and safety hazards of certain chemicals on the skin. The FDA has not approved any new sunscreen ingredients since 1999. This lack of process created a backlog in information for sunscreen ingredients. In November 2014, Congress passed the Sunscreen Innovation Act to help streamline the process and get ingredient standards back on track.

Several of the ingredients up for review have been approved by the FDA in the past. Recent studies are showing potential toxicity levels that have consumers concerned for the health and safety.

What is being tested?
The FDA will be testing these ingredients for potential irritation, prolonged effects of skin absorption, potential endocrine disruption(hormone manipulation), among other side effects.

At this time the pending ingredients are still present in sunscreen products while research is being conducted.

The 12 ingredients include the following:

Commonly found in the US sunscreen
-Octinoxate ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate

Not as commonly found in US Sunscreen
-Padimate O

Please note: There is still insufficient evidence on the potential health risks being reviewed on these ingredients and chemicals. This does not mean sunscreen products that contain these ingredients are dangerous. Most of the ingredients being reviewed are proven sun filters against harmful UV rays. If you are concerned for your risk of irritation or side effects from sunscreen usage with these ingredients, please consult your physician or dermatologist for recommended solutions and or alternatives.

For more information about daily sunscreen usage and the impact sun damage has on the skin, check out this article, “Why you should wear sunscreen everyday“.

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