Are Skincare Fridges Worth it?

What is a Skincare Fridge?
Arising in popularity in late 2018, the Skincare fridge or “Beauty Fridge” is a designated mini fridge for the storage of cosmetics and skin care products. Typically small enough to fit on a counter-top, beauty fridges are meant to keep products cool and preserved (more on this later in “The Benefits of the Beauty Fridge”).

Mini-Fridge vs. Skincare/Beauty Fridge?
There are two main differences between a mini fridge and a skincare fridge, storage and exterior. Skincare fridges tend to have door storage compartments designed to fit specific items like face masks and jade rollers. A regular mini fridge tends to have door storage for beverage cans. Exterior-wise beauty fridges tend to be more aesthetically pleasing with bright and pastel colored options. Some even come with decal stickers or “Beauty Fridge” labeling.

There is no quintessential difference between a skincare fridge and a mini fridge. The beauty fridge trend is still a mini fridge at the end of the day. Purchasing a regular mini fridge and using it to store your cosmetics and skin care products can be just as impactful. It comes down to preference, how much space you need, and what features you want your fridge to have.

The Benefits of the Beauty Fridge
Although not a necessity, there are two main benefits of the beauty fridge aside from it’s aesthetic, Instagram-worthy appeal.

Cooling Effect – Storing essential skin care products in the fridge keeps the product cool. Chilled skin care products have been proven to be more effective for soothing skin irritation. The cooler temperature helps reduce redness and reduce swelling from acne and other blemishes. These benefits apply to eye creams, face masks, and other skin care products.

Extended Shelf life – Certain skin care products that contain vitamin C and/or other antioxidants have a shorter shelf life and can lack stability over time. Chilling products with this tendency can increase the stabilization of the product increasing its efficacy for a longer amount of time. While it can last longer under chilled conditions, that does not mean these products will last forever.

What products can you store in a Beauty Fridge?
Maximizing the benefits of the fridge does not mean throwing your entire skin care collection in the fridge. Beauty fridges are relativity small , plus not all products benefit from refrigeration. These are the following products that are recommended to be stored in a beauty fridge:

  • Products With Antioxidants
  • Natural Products Lacking Preservatives
  • Certain Topical Medications
  • Eye Creams
  • Facial Tools (Jade Rollers, Gua Sha, Rose Quartz)
  • Sheet Masks
  • Face Mists

There are still certain items like serums and oils that can coagulate and solidify in the refrigerator. This can mess with the integrity of the ingredients and negate its benefits, rendering the product useless. Be mindful of what you refrigerate and what ingredients are involved in your skincare products.

If you are interested in a skincare fridge, check out Good Housekeeping’s article, “6 Best Skincare fridges of 2020.”

What do you think? Is it worth it to invest in a skincare fridge? Comment down below!

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    • Before I got one, I tried keeping my skin care in my regular refrigerator. You can get sealed refrigerator boxes online to store them. So long as you have the space in your fridge, it’s a very cost effective alternative, just not as Instagram friendly πŸ™‚

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